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Casper Testnet


Participants in the DEVxDAO are standing up a Casper Testnet with the following objectives:

Incentivized Participation

The DEVxDAO (through the ETA, as described below) is inviting interested parties to participate in the Testnet and will offer incentive rewards to Testnet participants. The following will apply to incentivized participation:

  1. It is intended that rewards will be distributed on the Testnet for a period of time. This will be ratified soon after Testnet is up. Everyone will have a chance to earn, but not everyone is guaranteed (nor is anyone entitled) to earn rewards.

  2. Early and solid participation and node operation, as well as adherence to the Code of Conduct below, is the best way to ensure a chance at rewards.

  3. Testnet Validators will be scored using an algorithm that takes uptime and liveness into account, among other factors. BEING IN THE TOP RANKS OF VALIDATORS BY STAKE WEIGHT WILL NOT BE A CRITERIA FOR EARNING REWARDS!

  4. There will also be ACTIVE participation rewards for catching and reporting bugs, winning contests, and other fun things that will be announced periodically as well.

  5. Anyone wishing to earn rewards will need to pass AML/KYC and register their Public Key as part of their participation.

Testnet Code of Conduct

It is mandatory that all participants adhere to the Testnet Code of Conduct below. Adherence is taken into consideration for reward calculation.

  1. Join the Testnet Participants Telegram Group, and be responsive to Admin announcements.
  2. Make sure your port 8888 is open to the public. It will be monitored for reward calculation purposes.
  3. Once there are 50 or more participants on the network, maintain a stake that is below 3% of the network. There is no benefit to accumulating stake. It is not a reward criteria, and Testnet Tokens have no express or implied value whatsoever.
  4. Stage and participate in node software updates before they are slated to take effect. This requires being attentive for and responsive to notifications in the Telegram channel.
  5. If you have to take your node offline, unbond your stake first.
  6. Follow the minimum Recommended Hardware Specifications
  7. Participation is entirely at your own risk and you agree to hold ETA, Casper and the DEVxDAO, and their employees, officers, directors, paid consultants and agents, harmless from any and all liability.

Please note that the DEVxDAO’s Casper Testnet program is implemented by the DEVxDAO by providing rewards through the Emerging Technology Association (ETA), a Swiss nonprofit association which supports open source and transparent scientific research of emerging technologies for community building. Any rewards will be granted and calculated by the ETA. MAKE Technology LLC is not affiliated with the DEVxDAO, the ETA nor the Casper Foundation, and has no control over the program sponsorship or the incentivized reward program, and is hosting these guides and documents as a service to the DEVxDAO and the Casper community only.