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Undelegating CSPR Stake

What You’ll Need

A compatible wallet with a balance of at least 2.5 CSPR: Casper Signer. More wallets, including Ledger, are planned for the future.

The Basics

Connect a Wallet

You can access the wallet Sign In screen by clicking Sign In from the top navigation menu of CSPR.Live. Then follow these steps to sign in using the Signer app:

  1. From the Sign In screen, click Sign In under the Casper Signer option.

    CSPR Live - Casper Signer Option

  2. The Signer app window will open automatically. From the Signer window, when prompted to connect Signer to site, click Connect.

    Casper Signer - Connect to Site

  3. Then click Connect again to approve the connection.

    Casper Signer - Approve Connection

Access Undelegate Stake Wizard

Once you’ve signed in, you can access the Undelegate Stake wizard in a few ways.

Undelegate Stake

Step 1 - Undelegation Details

  1. Start by choosing which Validator you would like to undelegate stake from. If a Validator is not already selected, you can search for one using the Validator search box. It will automatically show the validators you have staked with.
  2. Next, enter the Amount of CSPR you would like to undelegate.
  3. Click Next.

Step 2 - Confirm Details

  1. Review the details of the transaction.
  2. If everything appears correct, click Confirm and undelegate stake. If there is something you wish to change, you can return to the previous step by clicking Back to Step 1.

Step 3 - Sign

  1. Click Sign with Casper Signer.
  2. Signer app window opens. Make sure that the Deploy hash in the Signer window matches the Deploy hash in CSPR.Live before continuing.
  3. Click Sign in the Signer window to sign and finalize the transaction.

Step 4 - Done

The stake undelegation initiates as soon as the deploy is signed. You can review the details and status of the deploy by clicking Deploy Details. (It may take 1-2 minutes for the deploy details to become available.)

Please note that your undelegated tokens will appear in your account automatically after a 7-era delay. Era duration is approximately 120 minutes.